Main Region of Work

Current Involvment Areas Across the Sri Lanka

Women's Centre has a history over 35 years working with Free Trade Zone (FTZ) women workers dealing with their human rights and workers’ rights issues. At the beginning of Women's Centre, the concern was to defend the rights of women workers especially in FTZs but later it has been expanded its services to North and East women workers in garment trade, migrant women workers and plantation women workers. When the civil war was over in 2009, Women’s Centre has played an important role on ethnic integration and improving social and economical development in North and East. Presently, Women's Centre has 4 branches in FTZs in Southern part of Sri Lanka (Koggala, Wathupitiwala, Biyagama, Katunayake) and one branch in the Northen Province.(Vauniya). The Women’s Centre has identified a number of apparel factories in Vavuniya and Kilinochchi districts are having healthy relationships with women workers there.

Opening Ceremony of Vavuniya Branch Office