This booklet is result of a research conducted by the Women’s Centre in the health problems of women workers who have to work in a standing posture for long periods at apparel factories. Women make up a visit fraction of more-than-350,000 strong apparel workers, who contribute greatly to this country’s economic development. Low wages, overwork, compulsory overtime hours, lack of rest, sexual harassment and molestation, and inability to bargain for rights are challenges they face on a routine basis. Even among this group, the ones most effected are helpers and women workers serving in smooth-ironing and Quality Control divisions, who have had to work continuously while standing in factories. Although certain institutions and various organizations have conducted research in occupational health and safety, few surveys have been conducted so far on health problem faced by women apparel workers who work standing. The Women’s Centre of Sri Lanka, who focused on this specific problem, conducted the survey with a view to enlightening these women workers on the health and safety hazard awaiting them and drawing the attention of the government and other responsible persons to the issue.

May 2011 Uprising: Struggle Against EPF Daylight Robbery

Sinhala Edition (Original)

English Edition 
“However, the battle which is written in the history as the first one in which the whole of the Free Trade Zone fought for the rights of all workers is the massive struggle waged against the proposed pension for the workers who had the right to Employees’ Provident Fund benefits enjoyed by private firms, state corporations and other such institutions that was introduce with a view to looting the money belonging to workers deposited in the Employees’ Provident Fund.
Extracted from the Objective, By Padmini Weerasooriya.

Yakku (Devil)- 2010

Making of Street Drama – Women’s Centre Women who had been battered by low wages, intense labour, scolding and scowling from employers, difficulties at boarding places and violence on the way rallied through the Street Drama Troupe looking for solutions to problems faced by them. Chandra Devanarayana- Board of Editors-Shramika newspaper

We Have Arrived (2006)

Sinhala Edition

English Edition
“Women’s Centre emerged clutching a heritage of strikes and struggles in its fists that the aforesaid fact is reflected in recording its history and in the difference between the public and private aspects of the society’s life, and that I feel assured that in the face of problems which women have to encounter because of being women, the Women’s Centre will appear for the right to live free from violence and exploitation and for the rights to choose in reproduction and sex.”
Extracted from the foreword, By Sunila Abeysekara.